A Profile of Prieur Leary, Information Technology Specialist

July 15, 2018
Based on his experience and his unique perspective, Prieur Leary’s long career in the information technology (IT) field allows him to know and understand how important it is to keep systems up to date and eliminate security threats wherever they’re found. And the biggest threats generally don’t come from hackers in Russia and China. In fact, he will tell every client, the key to doing business of any type online comes with knowing that the biggest threats to any company’s IT system are often internal, not external.

That is why Prieur Leary considers internal training and maintaining proper control to often be more important than preventing hacking attacks. One of the biggest problems company IT systems have comes from the IT Department itself, when they don’t ensure that authentication privileges and access are kept up to date. This is necessary, so ex-employees can’t continue to access systems after termination, for example, where they could access and disclose sensitive information to others outside the company. That is why Prieur Leary will do everything possible to make sure all systems in his care are as up-to-date and as safe as possible.